Tennis Courts:


Standard match size court:                                       18m x 36m
Smallest playable size:                                              17m x 34m
Orientation of Court:                                                North / South.
Playing Area:                                                            +/- 11m x 24m
Height of fencing (full height):                                   3.6m
Height of fencing (dropped side):                              1.0m
Centre:                                                                      915mm
At Net Post:                                                              1.070mm

Size Of Courts:


Basketball Court:                                                       17m x 34m
Netball Court:                                                            17m x 34m
Volleyball Court:                                                        11m x 20m 

Lighting System:


8 x Poles – 7m – 7.5 m Above Ground.
8 x 400 Watt Metal Halide Lighting System.
8 x Poles - 7m - 7.5m Above Ground.
8 x 200 Watt LED Energy Saving Lighting System


Benefits of Barrett's All Weather Court

A Barrett's all weather surface is the first choice of professional tennis players, coaches and private users, because it provides,
  • Consistently true bounce at controlled speed.
  • Has no glare or reflection.
  • Is non-slip in wet or dry conditions.
  • Is playable while damp after a few months.
  • Is unaffected by extremes of temperature and is always comfortable underfoot.
  • Six different colors are available -


Dark Green

Light Green



Standard Bank Blue